Technical parameter

Product composition PC board, column, safety door, safety lock

Applicable location Multi scene safety protection in the workshop

Main parameters PC board color: colorless and transparent

         Thickness: 3mm

         Non standard colors and thickness can be customized.


Customize the customer with 3D modeling and simulation design.

High degree of protection

The column has high welding strength and is made of PC endurance board, which is strong in impact resistance and has high toughness.

Reduce customer costs

The modular design can be customized to meet the specific needs of customers. The snap ring quick connection design facilitates easy installation, thereby reducing construction time and cost savings.

Enhance corporate image

The steel surface is polished and sprayed with uniform color and beautiful appearance. The humanized design reduces visual fatigue and makes the appearance high-end and atmospheric.


Customizable content

  1. PC board can customize border color/height/width

  2. Columns can be customized in color/height/installation method

  3. The safety lock can be customized with electrical signal safety lock/escape lock/ordinary lock/non-contact access control and other types

  4. The bridge and arc welding room can be customized according to specific situations

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