Technical parameter

Colour Yellow/Gray/Black

Panel height 2000/1800/1200/1000mm

Panel width 1200/1000/900/800/700/600/500/300/200mm

Grid 100*20mm

Wire diameter 3mm

Square tube 20*20mm

Technical parameter

Column height 2200/2000/1400/1200mm

Quick insertion column 60*60mm

Light curtain column 80*80mm


High quality carbon steel

Tough and firm, resistant to deformation

Professional protection

Encrypt network piece,better security

Environmentally friendly

Imported plastic powder, Swiss electrostatic spraying technology

Solid construction

Unique welding, firm and beautiful

Light and convenient

Modular design, easy installation

Elegant appearance

Unified color, excellent perspective effect


Impact test

According to ISO 14120-2015 standard, can withstand 1600J impact force.

Color difference test

The color difference is measured by the instrument method in accordance with the provisions of the standards GB/T 11186.2-1989 and GB/T 11186.3-1989, and the sampling test is carried out by a spectrophotometer.

Spray layer thickness test

Spray layer thickness conform to GB/T 26941.1-2011 standard. The sampling inspection is done by thickness gauge.

Salt mist test

According to ISO09227 standard to do the corrosion resistance test.

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